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ARTZ Begins Pilot Program
at the Louvre

One of the greatest museums in the world–the Louvre–has partnered with ARTZ to create Europe’s first Alzheimer’s-specific museum program. The Paris staff- ARTZ Paris Director Cindy Barotte and Scientific Advisor Kevin Charra along with ARTZ Founder Dr. John Zeisel, are visiting the Louvre with residents from local hospitals to select the paintings that will be part of the tour, and are developing evaluation methods to test the effects of the museum visits. 

Collaborators in this effort are doctors from the two local hospitals--Hôpital Bretonneau and Hôpital Charles Foix. 

The guided visits have started in the Louvre's French historical painting gallery. All of the Louvre visits will be documented by a filmmaker, which will then allow researchers to study the efficacy of different approaches utilized by the ARTZ team.   << back



Renowned Alzheimer’s Researcher Joins ARTZ
Cameron Camp will utilize Montessori and Spaced Retrieval Therapies

Cameron Camp, Ph.D,  a leader in the field of Alzheimer’s research, has joined
ARTZ and the Hearthstone Alzheimer’s Foundation as the Director of Research. 
He will be supervising state of the art research for non-pharmacologic Alzheimer’s
treatment and implementing Montessori and Spaced Retrieval therapies.

Dr. Camp and his team will be expanding on these techniques to create new, innovative treatment approaches for those living with memory impairment. Dr. Camp is a noted psychologist specializing in applied research in gerontology.

He received his doctorate in experimental psychology from the University of Houston in 1979. For 16 years he served in academic settings, teaching coursework in adult development and aging while rising to the rank of Research Professor of Psychology at the University of New Orleans.His previous positions also include Director and Senior Research Scientist at the Myers Research Institute of the Menorah Park Center for the Aging in Cleveland, Ohio where his research helped alleviate problem behaviors and increase the level of functioning of persons with dementia.

He has co-authored three college textbooks and published over 100 articles in journals such as the Journal of Gerontology, The Gerontologist, Experimental Aging Research, Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders, Clinical Gerontologist, Psychology and Aging, the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, and the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.

Dr. Camp is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a Charter Member of the Association for Psychological Science.
His research has been funded by grants from the National Alzheimer’s Association, the National Institute on Aging, and the National Institute of Mental Health. In 2007 he was honored to serve as Program Chair of the National Alzheimer’s Association Annual Meeting.
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ARTZ names New York City Coordinator
Lauren Volkmer to oversee Arts and Culture programs

We're delighted to welcome Lauren Volkmer as the new ARTZ Coordinator for
New York City. Lauren is not new to ARTZ, she has been an active volunteer
since 2003. Lauren has developed a monthly poetry program for people living
with Alzheimer’s within assisted living facilities.,

Lauren directed the play “To Whom I May Concern,” which was performed by people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was showcased at the New York City Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Conference, and co-facilitated the “Walk Down Memory Lane” Alzheimer’s-film program at the Tribeca Film Institute. Lauren’s role as ARTZ Coordinator will include the managing of ARTZ related community events in NYC. These include “A Walk Down Memory Lane” at the Tribeca Film Institute,  ARTZ at the Big Apple Circus in Lincoln Center, Alzheimer's Poetry Day.   << back